Healthier Holiday Food

I love the tradition of sharing a meal with family and friends during the holidays. Holiday foods often involve a number of rich, savory foods, creamy dips and fried foods. And yet, these foods don’t always make our body feel at it’s best. So, here are a few ingredient or food choice tips that can […]

Nancy Addison Talks Fad Diets – on The Broadcast KTXD – TV

      What To Think Fad Diets! With the holidays over, everyone is looking to lose some holiday pounds and start off a healthy new 2015. Today on The Broadcast, I talk about some of the more popular diets and how they look in a healthy diet lifestyle.   Click on this link below […]

Time For A New Year’s Cleanse!

    Time For A New Year’s Cleanse! Having just returned from 3 weeks in Cambodia and Thailand over the holidays to visit my daughter, who has been working there for the last 5 months for the United Nations; I realized that I needed something to help me detox all the germs, MSG, sugar, etc […]

Super Chocolate Power Smoothie

I love delicious food. We all need nutrient dense food this summer, so we can do all the fun things we have on our agenda! Here is one of my favorite raw, healthy recipes from my cookbook, which has over 115 yummy and easy recipes in it. The book can help you lose weight, boost […]

Suzie Humphrey’s Greek Salad

SUZIE HUMPHREYS’S GREEK SALAD My friend Suzie makes the best Greek salad! She generously gave me the recipe for my book. I am sharing it with you! Ingredients: 1 c. romaine lettuce, torn in bite-sized pieces 1 cucumber, peeled, seeded, and chopped 1 red pepper, seeded and chopped 1⁄4 c. red onion, cut into small, […]

The Magic of Pumpkin Seeds by Nancy Addison

Recently, I have had a friend that has been ill a fairly long time. Her stomach hurt, she felt a lot like she had the flu. She wasn’t getting well. Finally, after many tests, she found out that she had parasites. We may not realize it, but we do get parasites in our systems from […]

Crisp Fresh Apples of the Autumn Harvest

Now is the time to say adios to summer and the abundant summer crops and welcome the fall harvest. Eating seasonally is both economical and healthy. The seasonal bounty of fall fruits and vegetables has great variety from root and vine grown vegetables to fruits of the tree. Apples are one of these fruits and […]

Hungry for Change

I know I was hungry for change, when I was sick and overweight. Great title! My friend sent me this link to view the film: Hungry for Change. It was excellant. I have everything they talked about in the movie, in my book! It made me feel so good about what I put in my […]

Slow Food & The Right To Know

Do you ever wonder, what is in the food that you eat? The information you read on labels should have to tell you what kind of ingredients are in the product. I always buy certified organic, when I can. Even if it is fresh, whole food, I want to know, if it is genetically modified […]