58: Remedies For Knee Pain, Restoring Cartilage, Collagen And Living A Pain-Free Life

Nutritionist, leading health specialist, radio show host, and author Nancy Addison and her guest, Melanie Stokes, discuss restoring health to joints, tissue, bones, and skin. They discuss ways that this supplement they take, can restore cartilage, improve ligament and tendon health, as well as relieve arthritis. They also expand on ways this supplement helps people’s skin look and feel younger, as well as have more energy and recover faster. There is one for animals as well.Nancy’s website is: www.organichealthylife.com
Here is a link to the supplement Nancy loves and has taken for over 4 years.
If you want to order it or see the products, use my code link here and it will give you $10 off your first order.
Nancy ‘s award-winning books on Amazon: Author.to/nancyaddison
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