Health Consultation and Grocery Store Walk-Through

Nancy Addison nutritional counseling

Nancy offers an innovative approach with substantial information and real answers personally for you! For over 9 years, Nancy has helped people like you improve their health by making nutritional and lifestyle changes … changes they often were never advised of anywhere else.

Nancy enjoys consultations and walk-throughs because they provide an important connection to help her understand the issues that most people are struggling with today. This challenges her to find the very best ways to help you.

Private consultations are tailored to your specific needs. Nancy will begin by conducting an in-depth evaluation of your symptoms and overall health, and then she will work with you to create a complete plan to begin your journey toward wellness. In a single consultation, you will leave with a foundation of wellness to build upon and an entire health program mapped out specifically for you.

With billions of dollars spent on advertising food products every year, those packages can be very misleading. Nancy will discuss the options, show you how to pick the right foods for you. You will be the savviest, healthiest shopper around! With Nancy’s comprehensive 3 hour consultation/ grocery store walk-through, you can ask questions you always wanted to ask.  With knowledge comes power. Take control of your health and your life now!

How do I schedule my consultation/grocery store walk-through?

Contact Nancy at or 214-202-9243 to set up your appointment today.

How much does a consultation cost?
  • Private Consultation/Grocery Store Walk-through with Nancy Addison  (3 hours): $800
  • Follow up Private Consultation (45 mins): $198
Is it necessary to have read one of Nancy’s books before scheduling a consultation?
No. While Nancy prefers to do consultations with those who are familiar with her books. Nancy will also counsel individuals who need to be supported or encouraged from the very start.
What information about myself do I have to provide to Nancy prior to my consultation?
We will supply a consultation form focusing on key information that Nancy needs in order to recommend a program tailored to your health needs.

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