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People are always asking me about health and non-toxic, safe products for their body care. One question I get frequently is what toothpaste to use. This is so important, because the mouth is highly absorbable.

If you read the box of some name-brand toothpastes or mouthwashes, you may see a warning that if they are swallowed you should call poison control immediately.

The warnings are usually only on the toothpaste box and not on the toothpaste tube itself. In my opinion, we shouldn’t be putting any kind of poison in our mouths at all.

“On a daily basis, your mouth is host to over 100,000,000 micro-creatures who are swimming, feeding, reproducing and depositing waste in your mouth.” (1) Makes you want to brush your teeth, right!

If you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, over the course of your life, you will use around 20 gallons of toothpaste! (2)

I buy brands that are free of poison and not harmful to my body.

I use Modere toothpaste here are some reasons why:

First ever EWG VERIFIED™ toothpaste in the world & part of the fully-verified Modere Oral Care line

All products bearing the EWG VERIFIED mark meet rigorous criteria, including compliance with strict ingredient standards, manufacturing transparency & robust labeling

Sugar free

Fluoride free

Water-soluble abrasives clean without damaging tooth enamel

Supports healthy teeth & gums

The non-toxic formula means it is safe for the whole family

Natural peppermint oil freshens breath

Modere toothpaste was the first to earn EWG’s trust.

Click here   to go to the Modere website to view these non-toxic body care and cleaning products that I use and get $10 off on your first purchase.

A few other thoughts are that you should avoid sharing your toothpaste.

It can spread germs with others’ toothbrushes brushing against the toothpaste opening.

Get a new toothbrush after any illness, or at least every two months. This will prevent the toothbrush from becoming too built up with germs.

Use a tongue scraper to keep the tongue clean and fresh. Floss at least once daily to keep gums healthy and to remove bacteria from between teeth.

Teaching children healthy hygiene habits is so beneficial for their long-term health

This company is world wide, so you can buy their products (almost) anywhere world wide.

Let me know if you have any more questions!


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Click here  to go to the Modere website to view these non-toxic body care and cleaning products that I use and get $10 off on your first purchase.

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