My Philosophy

My Approach

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at all the areas of your life and how they are connected in order to develop a plan tailored to you and your life. Are you, or someone you love, dealing with stress, compulsive eating, physical challenges, health problems, or simply in need of assistance with the myriad of food choices? If so, I can help you by inspiring and illuminating a path to peace and wellness.

Through my own journey of healing my body of many health issues including acute anemia (as a result of an overdose of penicillin), pre-diabetes, double carpal tunnel syndrome, severe headaches, acid indigestion, severe weight problems and scoliosis; I have discovered some incredible healing techniques. If you are currently experiencing any health challenges, I can teach you how to make great strides in your health and your life.  I can guide you to take the steps necessary to nurture your body, heal your spirit, and have a healthier and happier lifestyle.

When I work with my clients, I help them to regain, restore and maintain their health, by not only giving them the tools and support necessary to make the best food choices, but by also teaching them healthy methods of cooking and raw food preparation, as well as balanced lifestyle choices. I work with each individual person on their own unique set of goals and objectives to help them achieve a healthier diet and balance in other areas of their lives. through, counseling and , conscious living


The concept of bio-individuality embodies the idea that no one diet works for everyone. Everyone is different, and we all live in different environments with different health histories, blood types, heritages, allergies, and ages. When I work with you, I take into account your own individual set of circumstances. My college client, who has trouble with staying thin and binge eating, will have a different program than my male client in his 50’s who has high blood pressure and heart disease, or a middle-aged woman who is going through menopause. Working with your unique concerns, lifestyle, personal preferences, and background is the most effective way to assist you in reaching your health goals. I will help you to set your goals, make a plan of action, and take the steps you need to make your life healthier and happier.

Holistic Health Plan

Food is just one of many components that nourishes our body. We need to have balance in all aspects of our life to achieve optimal health, so I address your health needs in a holistic way. For example, if you are eating well but are not handling stress well, your health can be compromised. I can work on helping you find the balance in your life and identify what truly nourishes you and your spirit. As a psychosomatic practitioner, I can help you see how your feelings and circumstances are affecting your health. I am also able to do a body-mind analysis, a face reading and a body reading in order to devise your holistic health plan.

Integrative Nutrition Pyramid

Integrative Nutrition Pyramid

The Integrative Nutrition Food Pyramid focuses both on eating nourishing, high quality food, and on making positive lifestyle choices. The wellness pyramid shows the importance of vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats and water. To complete the picture, the pyramid is surrounded with lifestyle factors that create optimal heath: relationship, career, physical activity and spirituality.

My Mission

Organic Healthy Life provides counseling, access to nutritional resources, and tools to support clients on their journey to achieving optimal health and living a balanced and organic lifestyle.


  • Integrity and absolute commitment to quality.
  • Respect for the Earth, and all who inhabit our precious planet.

My Commitment

  • To provide clients with exceptional quality of service and products.
  • To serve my clients with integrity.
  • To strive in my work to harm no one and benefit all.
  • To support sustainable agriculture.