53: Ban the Chemical that is Killing Our Bees

Listen to Nancy Addison on the Agri-Business News, Farm & Ranch USA Report, KLGD FM 106.9 theCountryGiant radio show talking about pollinators, honey bees and saving the environment. They expand on the poisons that are decimating the pollinators in the world. To sign Nancy’s petition for outlawing these toxins, click here for the link. Nancy’s website: https://www.organichealthylife.com Nancy […]

Good News To Start Off A Friday! Aldi Stops Selling Products That Contain Neonicotinoid Pesticides And Is Going Organic By May 1, 2017

   Good news to start off a Friday from Nancy, your Renegade Nutritionist Most of you know how much certain things mean to me, such as protecting our bees, safeguarding our environment, and living an organic lifestyle. I am not that easily impressed, but there is a supermarket called Aldi, that is known for its […]

15: The Bees, Environment And Art

Radio show host, Nancy Addison talks w/ artist Matthew Willey, of “The Good of the Hive” Initiative, committed to personally painting 50,000 honeybees – the number necessary for a healthy, thriving hive – in murals across the US. Through art and social media engagement, The Good of the Hive raises awareness about the current struggle […]

The Buzz For Butterflies and Bees

Butterflies and Bees While I was outdoors walking in the fresh air and sunshine this morning, I was thinking about how much I love all of our wonderful plants, bees, and butterflies. Then I thought about the roses that people are planting now, (called “knock out roses”) that have NO nectar, and thus are starving […]

The Plight Of Pollinators

  The Plight Of The Pollinator   The intricate web of life,  on this planet, depends on every aspect of life, all the way down to the fragile bee. Every part of this web has a particular role on the earth, and when one element of this web is removed, it starts a downward spiral […]

Crisp Fresh Apples of the Autumn Harvest

Now is the time to say adios to summer and the abundant summer crops and welcome the fall harvest. Eating seasonally is both economical and healthy. The seasonal bounty of fall fruits and vegetables has great variety from root and vine grown vegetables to fruits of the tree. Apples are one of these fruits and […]