“Raising Healthy Children” By Nancy Addison – Best Seller On Amazon!

    I released my new book today on Raising Healthy Children! It made the best seller’s list! Raising Healthy Children is a comprehensive book full of encyclopedic information! This book is filled not only recipes and information about how you can raise your children in the healthiest possible way, but also includes resources, references […]

Eat Clean and Green with Nancy Gibbons Addison- Healthy Foods Chef and Nutrition Expert

Eat Clean and Green w/Nancy Gibbons Addison- Healthy Foods Chef   I;m speaking this Wednesday for the American Association For Professional Women. I’m talking about eating healthy on a budget. I’m really looking forward to it. Here is the flyer they put out for their group. Come if you can! I ‘d love to see […]

Basic Green Drink

A basic green drink recipe that is easy to make from a variety of fruits and vegetables, including those you have in the fridge right now. This drink nourishes the cells and heals the body and is only a few minutes away. Not only that, it is delicious! Basic Green Drink 1-cup leafy greens 1 […]

Almond Cookies – Raw, Healthy and Easy To Make!

I frequently make these living-food cookies using almond meal I have leftover after making almond milk. I never wanted to waste the almond meal, and this is a wonderful way to use it. You can make these into small snack bars as well. Make sure to store these cookies in the refrigerator. Would you like to […]

Suzie Humphrey’s Greek Salad

SUZIE HUMPHREYS’S GREEK SALAD My friend Suzie makes the best Greek salad! She generously gave me the recipe for my book. I am sharing it with you! Ingredients: 1 c. romaine lettuce, torn in bite-sized pieces 1 cucumber, peeled, seeded, and chopped 1 red pepper, seeded and chopped 1⁄4 c. red onion, cut into small, […]

Clean Eating

Clean Food By Nancy Addison CHC, AADP I was reading the other day about “clean eating.” My client had asked me, if I knew what it was and I really didn’t. I supposed it is certainly better than eating dirty food! So, I looked it up on line. Apparently it is a term used for […]

How To Be a Healthy Vegetarian: The Healthy Vegetarian Guide and Recipe Book

Finally, “How to be a Healthy Vegetarian!” Both the health care provider and lay person have an easy to understand resource in reversing the course of preventable disease. Increasing lifespan and quality of daily activities through better decision-making in daily dietary choices is a recipe easily afforded in this time. This book has been endorsed […]

Let’s Get Healthy with Nancy Addison Raw Food

Join Nancy and learn how to make the savviest food in the whole world! Learn how to make a gluten free, raw food meal, including: mock spaghetti with marinara sauce, mock parmesano cheese, which includes coconut kefir, and a delicious desert of Date Nut Torte! You won’t believe how delicious and easy these recipes are! […]

Let’s Get Healthy with Nancy Addison Smoothies

Do you have to “have” coffee in the morning to “get you going”? Would you like a super power starter for your day that will give you more energy than coffee and without the down side? Learn how to make 3 fabulous healthy organic smoothies.  Nancy has amazing recipes that will feed your body on […]

Let’s Get Healthy with Nancy Addison Mexican Food

Learn how to make a proper ginger root tea, a cucumber soup, a healthy whole grain rice and one of the best Mexican dishes ever! Don’t miss the cherry sorbet desert, it is a cool, healthy, refreshing desert that just about everyone will love! Buy: $14.97