Cancer Prevention Diet May Cut Cancer Risk By Two-Thirds

This article discusses cancer prevention diet and ways to cut cancer by two thirds percent.

Have you wondered about a cancer prevention diet? Well, according to a study conducted by The University of Western Australia in Perth, eating mushrooms daily may reduce breast cancer risk by nearly two thirds. The study, conducted in China, looked at more than 2000 women, half of whom had suffered from breast cancer. Researchers found […]

Information & Research About Hemp Oil (Also Known As – CBD Oil)

Exploring CBD oil and how it may be beneficial to your health. Includes research and data to explore.

Recently, I’ve had many people ask me about CBD oil and hemp oil and specifically, what are the health benefits of both? Surprisingly, the questions have come from clients and an Oncologist. To find the answers, I recently went to California and Houston to meet with doctors and scientist who have been studying it. I […]

A Healthy Eating Plan And A New Year’s Resolution to Be Healthier

It is a new year, and some of us think it is a good time to get healthier after our holiday food indulgences. Many of my clients, friends and children’s friends have tried to become healthier and lose weight, only to find they would gain weight quickly after they stopped their new fad diets. They […]

Me Time


As Autumn and the holidays embrace us and we have more activities, errands, and social occasions, it is always a good idea to take a little time for ourselves to alleviate some of the stress.I have noticed that most people are so busy doing everything for everyone else, that they aren’t making enough time to […]

What’s Wrong With Artificial Food Dye?

What’s In The Food? Food additives, preservatives and artificial food dyes are what I am finding in the food. Let me explain what this type of ingredient can do to you and your children’s health. As we return from summer vacation and get back to work and/or school, we may be looking into easier foods […]

Healing Diet For Pets

Healing diet for pets

Animals are wonderful companions and add so much joy and comfort to our lives. We want them to live long, healthy, happy lives as part of our family. They need a balanced diet, fresh clean water, a comfortable place to sleep, fresh air, exercise, and love, just like we do. In this article, I will […]

Feeding Tube Recipe For Optimum Health

  Feeding Tube Nutrition This is a practical guide for creating a healthier formula for the feeding tube. In this book, you will learn how to make better food choices to create radiant health for your loved one who is on a feeding tube program. Proper nutrition is required for the body to stay healthy […]

54: Body-Mind Communication And Our Health

Leading health expert and radio show host, Nancy Addison discusses with a health coach, Karen Gilroy approaches to body, mind communication. They share ways that you can notice if you are holding trauma in your body, how to change or adjust things like posture or standing, that can help you release and redirect your life […]

B Vitamins

  Although all nutrients and minerals are important for optimum health, there are a few nutrients that are critical to health. One of those nutrients is the Vitamin B complex. Are you getting enough? A national survey for nutrition and health reported  the US population is on average anywhere from 3% to 6% low in […]

52: Cutting Through The Myths And Misinformation About Foods And What Is Really Healthy

Have you ever felt unsure about what is actually healthy to eat? In this podcast show, health nutritionist, Nancy Addison is cutting through the myths and misinformation and telling it straight about eggs, protein, oils, fats, sugar, enzymes, snacking, and the causes of anemia and other diseases, etc. Advertising and packaging can be confusing and misleading. Leading health specialist and […]