The Best Vegetarian Protein Sources

There are so many philosophies about health and nutrition today, how do you know what is right for you? Protein is something I know everyone seems to be concerned with, because for the last 50 years we have all been bombarded with advertising and false information concerning the importance of dairy or meat, chicken or […]

A Healthy Eating Plan And A New Year’s Resolution to Be Healthier

It is a new year, and some of us think it is a good time to get healthier after our holiday food indulgences. Many of my clients, friends and children’s friends have tried to become healthier and lose weight, only to find they would gain weight quickly after they stopped their new fad diets. They […]

Healthier Holiday Food

I love the tradition of sharing a meal with family and friends during the holidays. Holiday foods often involve a number of rich, savory foods, creamy dips and fried foods. And yet, these foods don’t always make our body feel at it’s best. So, here are a few ingredient or food choice tips that can […]

Why Low Carb Diets Help to Reduce Cardiovascular Risks

Why a low carb diet can help reduce cardiovascular disease

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet low-carb diets. For one, some say that a low-carb diet doesn’t help people lose weight despite the numerous scientifically backed studies presented on sites like Healthline. Others say that a low-carb diet is hard to follow because the body needs a lot of carbohydrates to function […]

Sugar, Sweeteners And Artificial Sweeteners For Optimum Health

Sugar, sweeteners and artificla sweeteners information for optimum health

With Halloween coming up, sugar is inevitably a part of most people’s October month. Sugar is also a key ingredient in numerous traditional holiday foods, and the holidays are just around the corner! In this article, I”ll discuss what sugar, sweeteners and artificial sweeteners are best for optimum health. Many of us want to keep […]

What’s Wrong With Artificial Food Dye?

What’s In The Food? Food additives, preservatives and artificial food dyes are what I am finding in the food. Let me explain what this type of ingredient can do to you and your children’s health. As we return from summer vacation and get back to work and/or school, we may be looking into easier foods […]

Healthy Kitchen Equipment – Essentials

Everyone needs some fundamental kitchen equipment for your basic food preparation, even if you don’t cook every meal at home.  Here are a few of my recommendations for equipping a healthy kitchen with essentials that will make your life easier and healthier.  When my children were at college, they called and asked me what kitchen […]

62: Maintaining Your Optimal Weight, Allergies, Nutrition, Raw Food and Food Quality

Leading health and nutrition specialist, award-winning author, and radio show host, Nancy Addison discusses health, optimal weight, allergies, nutrition, raw food, and food quality. She walks you through her travel experiences with her daughter and points out some important elements to be aware of when dining out or eating at home. She even shares a […]

61: Farm Bill, Farm Aid and The State of Farming with Richard Kemp

Leading health and nutrition specialist, award-winning author, and radio show host, Nancy Addison discusses the Farm Bill, Farm Aid, and farming with Richard Kemp, radio show host of KLGD 106.9, in Abilene. TX. They discuss the various components that affect farmers, consumers, and the environment. Richard shares some of his insight into what might be […]

Statin Drugs Have Been Shown To Cause Cellular Damage And Reduce Co Q 10 Levels

statin drugs can cause cellular damaage

I have so many people ask me about their health and tell me they are considering taking statin drugs. Here is a study you may want to read if you are considering taking these drugs. It is a human study published in the US National Library of Medicine – National Institute of Health. PubMed. Statin […]