5 Super Simple Summertime Health Tips!

5 Super Simple Summertime Health Tips! With summertime here and in full swing, the temperatures are hitting those high levels. All of us need to make sure we are taking good care of ourselves and our loved ones. Here are 5 super simple tips to help us cope with the heat and stay in optimum […]

Rejuvenation Retreat’s Authentic Nicaraguan Organic Recipe

Rejuvenation Retreat’s Authentic Nicaraguan Recipe   I’ve been hosting my Rejuvenation Retreat this month in Redonda Bay Nicaragua with Charlotte Ammerman. This week we had a local Nicaraguan Mid Wife/Healing Woman come and give a cooking class for our group. She made a healing green drink, native cookies, home make tortillas and a stir fry. […]

Healthy Snacks For Children With Nancy Addison and Lisa Pineiro on The Broadcast

Healthy Snacks For Children I was on KTXD TV channel 47, The Broadcast, yesterday with Lisa Pineiro talking about Healthy Children’s Snacks. We were shooting off site at the Parks Mall in Arlington, Tx. Here is the link for the show segment. http://www.ktxdtv.com/story/26226420/packing-healthy-school-lunches

Eat Clean and Green with Nancy Gibbons Addison- Healthy Foods Chef and Nutrition Expert

Eat Clean and Green w/Nancy Gibbons Addison- Healthy Foods Chef   I;m speaking this Wednesday for the American Association For Professional Women. I’m talking about eating healthy on a budget. I’m really looking forward to it. Here is the flyer they put out for their group. Come if you can! I ‘d love to see […]

“Best Health and Nutrition Book of this Century,” Amazon Review by Gary Massad, M. D. of Nancy Addison’s book: “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian”

Amazon Reviews of Nancy Addison’s book: “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” I was so excited to see such wonderful reviews of my book on Amazon, that I thought I would share them with you! Customer Reviews How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian 10 Reviews 5 star: (10) 4 star: (0) 3 star: (0) 2 […]

Eat Like A Cow and Be As Strong As An Ox!

  Wheatgrass   I am going with a green theme this week in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. In step with that, I am going to expand on green food today. The amazing health benefits of using wheatgrass for healing were brought to the public’s attention by Ann Wigmore in The Wheatgrass Book: How to […]

Basic Green Drink

A basic green drink recipe that is easy to make from a variety of fruits and vegetables, including those you have in the fridge right now. This drink nourishes the cells and heals the body and is only a few minutes away. Not only that, it is delicious! Basic Green Drink 1-cup leafy greens 1 […]

Almond Cookies – Raw, Healthy and Easy To Make!

I frequently make these living-food cookies using almond meal I have leftover after making almond milk. I never wanted to waste the almond meal, and this is a wonderful way to use it. You can make these into small snack bars as well. Make sure to store these cookies in the refrigerator. Would you like to […]

Super Chocolate Power Smoothie

I love delicious food. We all need nutrient dense food this summer, so we can do all the fun things we have on our agenda! Here is one of my favorite raw, healthy recipes from my cookbook, which has over 115 yummy and easy recipes in it. The book can help you lose weight, boost […]

Survival Guide to the Holidays! by Nancy Addison

With the holidays upon us, here are my top 7 tips to having more energy, staying well and feeling good; so you can enjoy the holidays with your family and friends! 1. Stay hydrated! Even though they are liquid, sodas and coffee are not hydrating. So, drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Hydration is […]