What’s Wrong With Artificial Food Dye?

What’s In The Food? Food additives, preservatives and artificial food dyes are what I am finding in the food. Let me explain what this type of ingredient can do to you and your children’s health. As we return from summer vacation and get back to work and/or school, we may be looking into easier foods […]

Feeding Tube Recipe For Optimum Health

  Feeding Tube Nutrition This is a practical guide for creating a healthier formula for the feeding tube. In this book, you will learn how to make better food choices to create radiant health for your loved one who is on a feeding tube program. Proper nutrition is required for the body to stay healthy […]

Grilling Tips

  As you fire up your barbecue grill for the Fourth of July, Labor Day, or other fun weekend get-togethers this summer, it is important to know a few tips to protect you and your friends and family from the potentially dangerous chemicals that grilling your meat can create. Grilling, frying, broiling, (and other cooking […]

B Vitamins

  Although all nutrients and minerals are important for optimum health, there are a few nutrients that are critical to health. One of those nutrients is the Vitamin B complex. Are you getting enough? A national survey for nutrition and health reported  the US population is on average anywhere from 3% to 6% low in […]

51: Health, Weight Loss, Travel, And Lifestyle Tips For Having Radiant Healthy Life

Renegade nutritionist, #1 best-selling author, and radio show host, Nancy Addison talks with Adele Good (All Good International) about sustainable, healthy weight loss, getting healthy, travel and making conscious lifestyle choices.  They discuss Nancy’s newest best-selling book, “Diabetes And Your Diet.” Nancy and Adele discuss various ways to prevent diabetes, lose weight and get healthier. Nancy’s website: www.organichealthylife.com, Nancy’s […]

50: Ways To Address Stress And Depression

Dealing with disappointments, stress, and depression can be a challenge. Leading health expert and radio show host, Nancy Addison discusses approaches to guide you in overcoming emotional life challenges and getting a better, more restful sleep.  Nancy discusses supplements to improve your hormone imbalances. Nancy also touches on how utilizing feng shui can promote calmness in […]

49: Talking About Organic Sustainable Farming And Living Your Best Life

Live from South Africa, radio show host Nancy Addison talks with Sybille Nagel about “Hearth And Soul.”  Sybille has created a sustainable, organic farm/retreat center that is diverse, quiet, healthy, remote and inviting. Sybille sees herself primarily as a creator and a catalyst for others, and this is evident in everything she does. They discuss the […]

Vitamin D, The Sun and Healthy Sun Protection

       The sun promotes health and vitality. Still, we want to protect ourselves and our children from the sun during the summer. Many of us want to know which sunscreens are healthy to use? Not all are helpful, and many are harmful. Recent studies reveal that some sunscreens can cause vitamin D3 deficiency and increase […]

42: Organic Food, The US, Our Health And The Farm Bill

Renegade nutritionist, award-winning author and radio show host- Nancy Addison talks with Radio Show Host (KLDG The Country Giant), Richard Kemp, about the farm bill, genetically modified foods, farming practices, large corporations, requirements for organic designation, local food, organic farming and much, much more! What is happening in the US today and why? Why are […]

How To Sleep And Rest Better

Sleep can become a problem in today’s high paced, stressed-out world. It’s World Sleep Day, and so I’m addressing a vital part of our lives and our well-being. I’ve heard more and more people of all ages tell me how they can’t get to sleep, and that they  have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. […]