Let’s Talk About Soy

Let’s Talk About Soy Many people eat and drink soy and soy products. I’m asked questions about soy frequently, so I thought I would address this food. Soy has many negative effects on health because it is difficult to digest, affects your hormones, and is closely linked to GMOs, pesticides, and harmful processing chemicals. Soy protein […]

Soy, Genetically Modified Seeds, Round-Up And Our Health

Soy, Genetically Modified Seeds, Round-Up And Our Health   Soy is widely sold as a health food and beverage in the United States and around the world. Today, most soy on the market is from genetically modified (GM) seed. 91 percent of soybeans planted in the United States are Genetically Modified, and the rate is […]

The Plight Of Pollinators

  The Plight Of The Pollinator   The intricate web of life,  on this planet, depends on every aspect of life, all the way down to the fragile bee. Every part of this web has a particular role on the earth, and when one element of this web is removed, it starts a downward spiral […]

Why Organic and Why Should We Care?

Most of the time I want to stay light and only talk about good and positive things, but now and then, I feel I have to say something about what is going on in the world that may not be quite as upbeat. This one concerns our food supply and our fragile eco system. I […]