Detox Salad

Detox Salad           I hope you have had a fabulous and magical holiday with your family and friends! This is one of our favorite salads to eat,  especially after holidays of rich, heavy meals. Many of my clients have made it and loved it. Now, I’m documenting it here so you can refer back to […]

Benefits of Being Vegetarian, Amazon Best Seller! “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian”

 Benefits of Being Vegetarian Amazon Best Seller! “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” – Second Edition by Celebrity Chef – Nancy Addison CHC, AADP is available now on Kindle and the paperback version is coming out soon! Have you ever wondered the benefits of a vegetarian diet or the benefits of being vegetarian? Well best […]

“Raising Healthy Children” By Nancy Addison – Best Seller On Amazon!

    I released my new book today on Raising Healthy Children! It made the best seller’s list! Raising Healthy Children is a comprehensive book full of encyclopedic information! This book is filled not only recipes and information about how you can raise your children in the healthiest possible way, but also includes resources, references […]

Super Smoothie and Quinoa Milk!

  Recipes For Super Smoothie and Quinoa Milk   I love smoothies. They are a fast and easy way to get super, nutrient dense food in an efficient manner. I always felt that breakfast was one of the most important meals of the day. When my children were growing up, I made smoothies for my […]

Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s Center For Nutritional Studies Features Nancy Addison’s article: How To Have A Healthy Halloween In Their October Newsletter

This Halloween, I feel everyone can have some fun without ruining their health. I wrote an article about this and put a lot of health information in it. I was thrilled today to find out that T. Colin Campbell used it in his Center For Nutritional Studies Newsletter this week. I studies with Dr. Campbell […]

Food Label Being Updated!

Food Label Being Updated!   Nutrition Facts labels are finally getting a much needed remake. I’m so glad, because I always found this label to have things on it that weren’t really relative and somewhat deceptive. The proposed update, was announced in March. This is the first major revision in 20 years. I’m guessing this […]

Eat Seasonally!

Eat Seasonally! Time for my morning power smoothie with cherries! I think breakfast is one of the most important, if not the most important, meal of the day! Also, cherries are in season. Our bodies are also better equipped to handle the foods that are in season. I love going to the local farmers market […]

Food For The Soul Retreat With Nancy Addison and Charlotte Ammerman in Nicaragua

    Food For The Soul Retreat   As I stood on my balcony tonight, I looked up at the moon and listened to the incredible quiet with just the sound of the ocean waves.   I realized how incredible an experience these last two trips have been for me to Nicaragua. This retreat has […]

“Best Health and Nutrition Book of this Century,” Amazon Review by Gary Massad, M. D. of Nancy Addison’s book: “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian”

Amazon Reviews of Nancy Addison’s book: “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” I was so excited to see such wonderful reviews of my book on Amazon, that I thought I would share them with you! Customer Reviews How to Be a Healthy Vegetarian 10 Reviews 5 star: (10) 4 star: (0) 3 star: (0) 2 […]

Nancy Addison Is Having Rejuvenation Retreats at Redonda Beach, Nicaragua

  I am having a marvelous time at Redonda Beach in Nicaragua. I have enjoyed seeing gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, eating fresh food, meeting fun new people. I have loved it so much, I am going to start having rejuvenation retreats here this spring. I’ll put the information in my next months newsletter! You’ll want […]