48: What Is Healthy Food?

Renegade nutritionist, leading health specialist, radio show host, and award-winning author Nancy Addison discusses the differences between organic, GMO, and hybrid plant foods. She addresses how these differences affect the vitamin content in our food and how they also impact our health and the environment. Nancy talks about the healing properties of food and the […]

42: Organic Food, The US, Our Health And The Farm Bill

Renegade nutritionist, award-winning author and radio show host- Nancy Addison talks with Radio Show Host (KLDG The Country Giant), Richard Kemp, about the farm bill, genetically modified foods, farming practices, large corporations, requirements for organic designation, local food, organic farming and much, much more! What is happening in the US today and why? Why are […]

40: Organic Gardening Tips

Renegade nutritionist and radio show host- Nancy Addison talks with Radio Show Host (KLDG The Country Giant) – Richard Kemp about organic gardening, pollinators, using clean water for gardening, genetically modified seeds, organic seeds, how to make compost tea and toxic-free pest control, and much, much more! Nancy discusses why organic food is healthier and […]

Tests Reveal That High Levels Of Weed Killer Is In Food, Including Baby Food.

Tests Reveal That High Levels Of Weed Killer Is In Our Food Supply, Including Baby Food! Why Aren’t We Hearing Or Reading About This In The News?         An FDA-registered Food Safety Testing Laboratory recently found extremely high levels of the pesticide glyphosate (the active ingredient in round-up weed killer made by Monsanto) in some […]

35: . Food, Health And The Environment

Environmental, nutrition and health specialist, and radio show host, Nancy Addison discusses disturbing truths about glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, which is generously doused on GMO crops and Roundup Ready crops. Recent tests reveal that many popular foods on the market today contain large amounts of this toxic herbicide. Tune-in and find out the details! […]

Help Save the Bees

The Plight of the Bee   I became aware of the plight of the bee 27 years ago.  I avidly read all kinds of environmental, gardening, and wildlife articles and books, and it makes me sad that it’s only now becoming a widely recognized issue. The large bumblebees were becoming extinct over 28 years ago, […]

Slow Food & The Right To Know

Do you ever wonder, what is in the food that you eat? The information you read on labels should have to tell you what kind of ingredients are in the product. I always buy certified organic, when I can. Even if it is fresh, whole food, I want to know, if it is genetically modified […]